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I am bad at asking.
So I'm going to practice... which is hard for me.
I have been encouraged by very wise people (mainly my counselor) to ask for what I need. Sounds simple right? I am very comfortable responding to other peoples needs on a daily basis.. I work in a big hospital system which means there are an abundance of needs every day. But my own needs? That's a bit harder and takes a quite a bit of self awareness to know what you really need (not the superficial stuff that initially comes to the surface like food, a massage, shopping, or a good beer).

So I'm asking for:

1. Grace. I've never done this before. (This meaning ..being a missionary). I am doing my due diligence, my research, taking the right steps, etc. etc. etc. but it's not going to be perfect. (I'm pretty sure I'm the only one who expects me to be perfect).

2. Support. Encouragement. Prayer. I need people on my team and in this with me.. and I know there are many. I am abundantly blessed with …