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God of Abundance

Our God is a God of abundance.
That's what thought keeps entering my mind this week.
Murph's team from Pathways Church in Ft. Wayne, Indiana was here last week and headed back to states this past Saturday.
They loved abundantly, gave abundantly, served abundantly while they were here.
They welcomed me into their family and I welcomed them into my new Haitian family and the clinic here.
They brought gifts in abundance when they came. They were given a wish list very last minute (by me) and exceeded all expectations.
They reminded me why I'm in Haiti. They ate normal American snacks that I had almost forgotten about.
They came, they served, they took initiative, they loved... all with abundance and out of abundance.

See in Haiti, the mentality is a lack of abundance. It's a mentality of poverty. Since I've been here my mentality of abundance has gradually diminished. Things get stolen, I get hardened. I start to act as if there isn't enough. Isn't enough to g…

The sounds of Haiti and the sounds in my Mind

The to do list is mounting. Emails, connecting with people, documenting meetings, creating structure, how the Heck are we going to get a lab started in our clinic? The to do list ranges from stapling new patient forms together to creating a sustainable structure and process for the Onaville Community Health Center.
I need to do yoga. I haven't exercises in week(s).
My favorite place in the house is the front porch. Yes, I'll do yoga there. No, I don't have a yoga mat (yes one is on the way, Thank you Aunt Laura). Jesus give me rest.
So I did yoga. And I listened. And I thanked God for exercise and ability. And I listened. The sounds of Haiti are so different than the sounds in the US. Wind. The sound of the wind in Haiti blowing through the trees, blowing the dust off of the ground of this white town. The sound of tires crunching along the gravely, rocky ground. The sound of tap tap tires are very different from the sound of a big truck hauling concrete powder or sand. The …