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A Hurricane, a Hammock, & a Wedding

Last week was confusing, to say the least. I have a lot of confusing weeks in Haiti but this one was extra weird.  Sunday afternoon, October 2nd, we started gearing up for Hurricane Matthew, the Category 4 hurricane to make landfall in the middle of the night on Monday night with anticipated devastation throughout Haiti. Haiti is the size of the state of Massachusetts. It was a small country on the western third of the Island of Hispaniola. There are roughly 10 million people who inhabit this island.  I think because Haiti is so small, the media portrayed the Hurricane as hitting the entire country, and in all fairness, the entire country was within the path of the hurricane. Also, not many outside of Haiti know the geography of the country or where I live (a distant suburb northeast of Port au Prince).
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I was overwhelmed by the concern of friends and family and acquaintances in the states as to my safety and those in m…