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I want to be a minister of light, of Justice.

I desire justice.
I crave justice.
I want to see God's justice every day in Haiti.

There's a common question I get asked: What's been the hardest thing about living in Haiti?

I've answered that question in so many different ways. It's always hard to summarize an experience that is wrought with paradox - joy and pain, tears and laughter, beauty and tragedy- often in the same day or even in the same experience.

But the answer I gave once that I think was the most honest and nearly brought me to tears (probably why I don't give that answer very often) is "seeing injustice up close and personal every single day."

At times it feels like injustice reigns in Haiti. I hate injustice. I hate injustice against me and I think I hate it even more for Haitians.

Injustice happens in so many different forms:

- the woman who has no access to maternal healthcare and delivers her premature baby at the only government matern…